Astro Strike

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Get ready to take on an intergalactic battle in Astro Strike! With your trusty drone, you’ll fight against a horde of invading aliens as they try to take over the solar system. Explore various locations, including planets and other celestial bodies, and unlock new weapons to enhance your gameplay experience. As you progress through the levels, the challenge will increase, putting your skills to the test. Will you be able to save the solar system from the alien invasion?

  • Blast Off Into Retro Space Adventure! 🚀
  • Engage in Intense Space Battles 👾
  • Explore Multiple Worlds 🌌
  • Upgrade Your Arsenal 🔫
  • Face Formidable Mini-Bosses 👽

Desktop Edition

Few months after releasing the game I prepared also a desktop version of the game. All In-App Purchases and ads were removed, game was rebalanced and you can play it for free or download it to your PC or Mac using Desktop version provides full experience in the meaning of balance and doesn’t create pay-wall borders, however screen ratio leaved unchanged to refer to the original version.


I documented creation process of this game on my YouTube Channel with devlog series. Below you can find a link to the playlist. Enjoy!